We are and have been affiliated with AON Professional Services for many years.

AON Professional Services have provided our Practitioner members with Insurance coverage for Combined Malpractice, Public and Products Liability Insurance.

We recommend AON Professional Services to all members of our associated training providers such as Health and Harmony Colleges and the  Australian College of Aromatherapy.

To get Insurance coverage with AON Insurance and providing cover for the modality in question you will firstly need to obtain Practitioner membership with a professional body such as the Holistic Health Associates.

Practitioner membership is obtained after providing evidence of 120 hours of practice in your chosen field.

AON Professional Services insures for a number of modalities offered through our training providers. It is important that you obtain Practitioner membership first before you apply for Insurance with any major insurance company.

Please contact us, if you would like to join the HHAI Association.