Code of Conduct

As a member of Holistic Health Associates International Inc.

I shall at all times:

  • Respect the rights and dignity of my fellow professionals and clients
  • Maintain the highest standards of professional competence
  • Represent my practice and the industry in a truthful and honest
  • Ensure the information about treatment to be offered is given and
    understood and the consultation, assessment and treatment are only
    carried out with the informed consent of the client.
  • Provide reasonable access to information in client’s personal records.
  • Develop and maintain my professional knowledge and skills
  • Recognize the extent and limitations of my professional expertise
  • Ensure client confidentiality and privacy
  • To ensure safe Workplace Health and Safety practices.
  • Take care to ensured the highest standards of hygiene, materials
    supplied and safety of equipment.
  • Never misrepresent the expectations of treatment offered
  • To establish productive working relationships with other medical
  • To be bound by this code of conduct and Ethical Responsibilities.