About us

Welcome to the HHAI. Our non-profit association was established in 2003 and keeps growing as new and exciting progress and research into the holistic and natural therapies industry become more accessible (and acceptable) to both the traditional medical world and the wider community.

HHAI is the culmination of many years of planning and research by two associates (one from a traditional medical background and the other from the world of natural therapies) with a passion and determination to change the way in which healthcare was delivered to the community; encouraging any person delivering care or concerned about health issues in their community to become part of the association and join their journey in developing holistic healthcare for all!

Our association continues this journey with our members, care providers, health professionals and influential health care providers interested in the holistic and natural therapy industry by forming and strengthening ties between all forms of healthcare.

HHAI and its members are very well supported in the industry and we would encourage any company, supplier business, professional identity and training provider with an interest in HHAI and its Mission to contact us at admin@hhai.com.au to discuss possible membership, alliances or association links.