Many members, and non-members, have questions in regards to HHAI. We ask that before you contact the association you read through the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) to ensure your question has not been answered here.

Membership Information

> How do I become a member of HHAI?

You can contact us with regards to joining the association. We have a stringent process of assuring our members are held with high regard and therefore a proper introduction needs to be made.

> Do I need to be a member of an association?

Although membership to an association may not be necessary for your profession, the benefits of membership, including insurability and industry support, always provides a positive advantage.

Being a member of an association provides prospective clients with peace of mind knowing your training, skills and knowledge have been recognised by an established body; it also gives you professional kudos among your clients and peers.

Insurance Information

> What insurance company does HHAI recommend for members?

HHAI does not recommend any one insurance company over another.

> If I join HHAI will I be insured?

HHAI can never guarantee you will be insured as this is strictly at the discretion of the insurance companies.

> What type of insurance is best for me and my practice?

This is something you will need to discuss with the insurance company you would like to join. HHAI does not provide members with any advice on insurance as – again – it is at the discretion of the chosen insurance company.

> Can I practise without insurance?

It is never wise to practise any holistic or natural therapy without insurance, and you must never practise outside your scope of ability. Additionally, most workplaces require any holistic or natural therapists practicing there to be insured.

> What happens if no insurance company will insure me?

Very rarely will an insurance company not insure a holistic or natural therapist practitioner; you will need to clarify the reasons why they won’t insure you and then decide whether you can rectify this.

For the most part insurance companies want to generate more customers, so they may be able to offer you some suggestions as to how to rectify the situation and become insurable.

> Can I be expelled from HHAI?

To date this has never happened to any members of HHAI, but if you were found to have seriously breached our Code of Ethics by causing harm to another, or being found guilty of an illegal crime, then that would be cause for expulsion from HHAI.

CPE Information

> What are CPE points?

CPE points stand for ‘Continuing Professional Education’ points and are points which are accrued to show that you, as part of your Practitioner status requirements, are continuing your professional education and development by attending HHAI approved CPE activities.

> Why has my application for Practitioner status been rejected?

I had been a Practitioner member the previous year and I am confused as to why HHAI no longer recognises my membership status.

Your application was probably rejected because you did not fulfill the 10 CPE points required for you to renew your Practitioner status. If you are uncertain as to what constitutes CPE points, please download CPE information from our Resources page.

Qualifications and Experience

> Will HHAI recognise my qualifications from a private college not associated with HHAI?

This will depend on the college, the actual qualifications gained and the course content. Unlike other associations, HHAI is open to qualifications and training obtained from colleges not associated with HHAI – however there will need to be comprehensive evidence of the skills and knowledge you have obtained from your qualification.

> I do not have a qualification but I have years of experience. Can I become a Practitioner member of HHAI?

This will depend on the evidence of experience you have been able to present to HHAI. If you do not have qualifications or training then it may be difficult to obtain practitioner membership at HHAI (though you could become an Associate member) as it is paramount to our association that those who hold this specific membership are able to competently and effectively practise their form of therapy in a manner which does not place HHAI, its members or the industry into disrepute.

If you can supply us with evidence which attests to your experience – such as contact details of clients, a log book or diary, signed statuary declarations or recommendation from a practitioner peer – then HHAI is more than willing to take it into consideration before approving, or denying, membership.

> My industry’s peak association does not recognise my qualification and therefore has denied my membership. Does this mean I cannot practise?

Unless there are laws in which state otherwise, you can still practise your chosen therapy without being member of a peak association body. Just because you are unable to meet their requirements does not mean that you are any less of a therapist or are unable to practise.